Clean Air 2020

forward-thinking-legal-marketing“Hindsight is 2020” a term most of us have heard that refers to understanding an event after it has happened. In other words it is like us having a realization about the event that should have been obvious all along, yet we didn’t catch on because we are basing our decision on our current set of beliefs.

Having 2020 hindsight allows us to look into the past and see what we did wrong. Perfect vision is 20/20. So as we look back, we are able to see “perfectly” what we should or could have done differently.

2020 is also a year that begins a new decade for us in Canada. Soon we can all reflect back on events that have shaped our lives. What did you do then that you would change now could you have seen or predicted its outcome?

When it comes to changing the way we do things, we can always look back to see where we have made mistakes so that we don’t make the same mistake again. Making predictions about an industry, such as lawn care and landscaping, means that we have to say to ourselves, is what we are doing now, and the way we are doing it, the best way possible to have a positive outcome on our lives and our society.

By 2020 companies like Clean Air Yard Care and the future green entrepreneurs who join the revolution of adopting renewable energy yard care services will be the “norm” rather than the “niche”. Battery and electric operated yard care tools and equipment will be better designed and manufactured, more readily available, and more widely used. Renewable energy options to power that equipment will also continue to evolve.

Clean Air 2020 is our prediction that the lawn and yard care industry in Canada will eventually evolve through innovation and acceptance of a better way to do things. There will be a reduction in the 5% of Canada’s annual air pollution that is derived from gasoline powered yard tools, 80,000 metric tonnes annually. And Clean Air Yard Care is committed to leading that charge.