Would you like a rewarding career working to restore and protect the environment?

These days, the most talented people want to work with environmentally and socially progressive organizations. Green employers such as the environmental award winning company Clean Air Yard Care, are exciting companies to work for because we embrace sustainable business practices through FOUR main areas of green initiatives.

  1. Implementation and development of Renewable Energy Technology for use in the landscaping industry.
  2. Organic horticulture and landscaping practices.
  3. Education of consumers on the use of renewable energy and yard care tools not harmful to our planet or health.
  4. Carbon Neutral status through measuring greenhouse gas inventory and offsetting.

Each of these areas requires a unique knowledge base and you may bring one or more of these elements to the table with your background and your experience. Combining all four aspects means that a Green Sector Job like that with Clean Air Yard Care can be a very rewarding and great experience. If you are passionate about the environment and truly making a difference then you would make a great candidate to be our employee.

Thank you for your interest in working with Clean Air Yard Care.