Commercial Services

Welcome to the world of no noise and no emissions!!

If your company is currently monitoring its greenhouse gas emissions, then Clean Air yard Care is the ideal company to be servicing all of your yard care needs. All of our environmentally friendly commercial yard care services are Zero Emission and powered from renewable solar energy. Therefore, no emissions to add to your annual reports. In additional, Clean Air Yard Care is a “Carbon Neutral Company”. That is to say, our emissions have already been measured and offset through the Pacific Carbon trust.

If your Company is not yet monitoring its emissions, you will still be making an immediate impact on Climate Change by adopting our landscaping business practices. And in short, your customers will be impressed!


  • Zero Emissions – Nothing for you to report
  • No Noise – Company meetings, phone calls and your customers/clients will not be disturbed
  • Leeds Building Certification Enhancement
  • Clean Air Yard Care has invested in renewable energy services and your company  is seen as supporting these efforts for your community


Weekly on Schedule or as Requested by Client

  • Mowing of all Turf Areas
  • Hand Weeding Flower & Shrub Beds
  • Hand and Power Pruning of Ornamental Shrubs
  • Edging of Lawn
  • Leaf Removal
  • Clean up of Landscaped Areas Each Visit
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Organic Fertilization & Weed Control
  • High Pressure Washing Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios
  • Blowing of Debris off Sidewalks & Driveways
  • Organic Moss Removal from Lawns
  • Dethatching
  • Over Seeding
  • Organic Moss Removal from Driveways & Sidewalks.