Organic Horticulture

Why do we use only Natural & Organic products?

A few decades ago environment and wildlife were not as threatened as they are today. Contamination levels in air, water and ground are on a rise at an increasing rate. This is due to ever increasing emissions and chemical run offs. Some of which come from traditional gasoline powered landscaping services. The rapid destruction of ecosystems and natural habitats for plants and animals has literally pushed our environment to the brink of destruction. In some cases it is already too late to recover the lost assets of nature. Each year several plant and animal species become extinct. This is a result of habitat destruction related to the reckless use of chemicals often used in traditional landscaping practices.

The use of organic products in gardening and lawn care significantly helps in combating ground and water pollution. Meanwhile, this favours micro environments that invite birds, animals and insects to a safer habitat. We urge you to join our efforts in restoring the environment by playing your part.

All of our fertilizer products are natural and organic, sourced locally and comprised of a unique, proprietary blend formulated exclusively for Clean Air Yard Care.