Redefining Green

We understand that the traditional way of landscaping services contribute to a significant environmental concern. That is why Clean Air Yard Care was founded on the principle of being part of the solution and not being part of the problem.

We are Redefining Green.

Therefore accepting our responsibility to be a leader in our industry by making a commitment in the beginning to do the right thing. Meanwhile, we are consistently focusing on creating and maintaining a sustainable company. We are the first zero emission lawn and yard care company of our kind in Canada that has taken our commitment to the land, and to our communities to the next level.

 “See Past the Ordinary to What Lies Just Beyond…”

Clean Air Yard Care is inspiring change in people by changing the way our service industry works. Our planet needs these changes. That is to say, when 5% of Canada’s annual emissions come from this industry, we need to proactively take steps to reduce their impact on our environment. You too, as a customer, can become involved in these changes.  You can do this by adopting the methods prescribed by Clean Air Yard Care. Meanwhile significantly eliminating thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Create Something – and Then Make It Better...”

Clean Air Yard Care is also proud to achieve the distinction of becoming the first Carbon Neutral landscaping service of its kind in Canada. Through our innovative commitment to the utilization of battery and electric yard care equipment. Each powered from our renewable solar energy trailers. As a result, we were able to achieve our carbon neutral status by conducting our GHG (Green House Gases) inventory through the Climate Smart program. Followed by later purchasing offsets through the Pacific Carbon Trust of British Columbia.

These are just a few ways that we are inspiring change and Redefining Green…”