Residential Yard Care

Welcome to the world of no noise and no emissions!!

Clean Air Yard Care provides full Residential Yard Care service, including lawn, garden and yard care maintenance year-round by qualified staff that cares about your property, your health, and our environment. Services are provided on a regular weekly schedule or as requested.

Residential Services:

  • Mowing of all Grass/Turf Areas
  • Hand Weeding Flower & Shrub Beds
  • Hand and Power Pruning of Ornamental Shrubs
  • Edging of Lawns
  • Leaf Removal
  • Clean-up of Landscaped Areas Each Visit
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Organic Fertilization & Weed Control
  • High Pressure Washing Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios
  • Blowing of Debris off Sidewalks & Driveways
  • Organic Moss Removal from Lawns
  • Organic Moss Removal from Driveways & Sidewalks

We use commercial grade quiet equipment:

All lithium battery powered walk-behind lawn mowers, line trimmers, extended and regular hedge trimmers, powered pole pruners, leaf blowers, chainsaws, even a snowblower are among the various hand tools and equipment that are powered from our renewable solar energy custom trailer.

Clean Air Yard Care personnel will arrive in a clean-attractive branded truck & solar trailer and will be professionally identified by company uniforms each visit.

For more information please call 250-889-5375.