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The alarming statistics provided by the Canadian Medical Association, Environment Canada and numerous other world agencies when describing the impact of air and noise pollution from among things such as gasoline powered lawn and yard care equipment, justifies the rationale behind adopting the services provided by Clean Air Yard Care.

Facility Maintenance & Operations Managers as well as Procurement Personnel can alone change the mindset and bring a healthier and more productive health care environment to all Canadians. With a reduction in noise pollution, the elimination of harmful carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and the elimination of oil and gas ground contamination, Health Care facilities can be the biggest benefactor of Clean Air Yard Care services.

The effects of noise and air pollution in health care facilities and hospitals are numerous and sadly these negative and deadly effects are often ignored in a place where Canadians deserve the opportunity to receive the best health care possible in the world.  While many hospitals are committed to creating a healing environment, the auditory environment, laced with noxious noise is usually ignored. A healing environment requires both a physical setting conducive to recovery, and an organizational culture that supports patients and families already struggling with stress. The sound environment must be managed in such detail that neither patients nor staff are at risk. The quality of ground level air is also contaminated by small portable gasoline engines that operate outside the perimeter of health care facilities such as patient’s rooms, emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, surgery rooms and ICU, air intake equipment areas.

Did you know that in 2008 Canada’s Air Pollution was responsible for 21,000 premature deaths, 92,000 emergency room visits, and 620,000 visits to a doctor’s office!

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