Organic Yard Care Programs

All of our fertilizer products are guaranteed 100% organic and comprised of a unique, proprietary blend formulated exclusively for Clean Air Yard Care. NO synthetic chemical products are ever used or found in our Organic Yard Care Programs. Its our Guarantee.

Green-and-Blue-Order-Now-Button-Fotolia_24009349_XS-300x225CA-Essential (For Lawns) $179.00

This program is an essential application of multi-nutrients for your lawn and consists of 3 applications of organic lawn fertilizer. This granular blend will also help control broad leaf weeds. Applied in the spring, summer and early fall.


Green-and-Blue-Order-Now-Button-Fotolia_24009349_XS-300x225CA-Nourish (For Plants, Flowers & Ornamentals) $179.00

Your plants and shrubs will love this multi-nutrient granular for flowers and perennials. This 100% organic blend is applied in the spring, summer and fall (45-60 days apart) and is an overall excellent source of nutrients.


Green-and-Blue-Order-Now-Button-Fotolia_24009349_XS-300x225CA-Hybrid (Complete Yard Care Coverage) $339.00

This is our premium organic program consisting of the CA-Essential and CA-Nourish fertilizer packages.  For Lawns, plants, shrubs, flowers and ornamentals plus it includes a BONUS liquid organic drench for fast “green up”.


Green-and-Blue-Order-Now-Button-Fotolia_24009349_XS-300x225 CA-Eradicate (Organic Weed Control) $79.00 1,000 sq.ft.

Unselective weed control for sidewalks, patios, driveways and any area where weeds/grass is not desired.  We start with a custom blend of Canada’s strongest Horticulture Vinegar. It kills weeds within 24 Hrs.


 Green-and-Blue-Order-Now-Button-Fotolia_24009349_XS-300x225CA-Moss Ecologic (Controls Moss in Lawns) $89.00 1,000 sq.ft.

Our specially blended application contains organic liquid Iron Sulphate and will kill moss within 120 minutes of application. Typical residential area up to 1,000 sq.ft.  For stubborn or heavy moss infiltration, the complete CA-Renewable program may be necessary.



CA-Renewable (Distressed Lawns)

Program for renewing distressed lawns, clay soils, lite soils, urine patches, stunted growth or heavy moss. This program includes de-thatching, over seeding, top-dressing with a blend of compost soil/sand and the application of an organic fertilizer Earth Boost which will provide an excellent boost to kick off the new seeds growth.


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